Fuoco Photography is something that has grown and flourished over a period of years rather than a site that’s appeared out of the blue. It’s a collection of photographic moments I have captured using variable styles with a dedicated, unwavering passion and enthusiasm.

I have used the experience of my photojournalism and celebrity work to enhance weddings and events concerning people from all walks of life. It doesn't make a difference whether I am photographing a celebrity or an ordinary man in the street, it's the end result that counts, both subjects are of equal importance through my eyes.

I have maintained my conduct throughout and avoided hiding in bushes to capture celebrities, instead I have worked alongside many names with courteous consent and it has paid off. Trust is paramount in building healthy and productive client base relationships.

It is difficult to say which style I enjoy the most and I look forward to every challenge with the same vibrancy as the last. A photographer is only as good as his last job and so there has never been any room for complacency.

I’m very proud of my Norfolk surroundings so I have especially enjoyed photographing Cromer Carnival in recent years. It's a fantastic experience capturing the drama as it unfolds behind the camera and choosing the right moment to aim and fire. This type of journalistic photography has a much more spontaneous feel to it that I personally find very exciting.

Reportage wedding photography is also a challenge and it's a style I've always loved to work with. It's completely different from traditional wedding photography and captures a spectacular candid storybook history of events.
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Andreas Yiasimi on location Cromer beach.

Andreas Yiasimi, reportage, online collection of photojournalistic images.

Andreas Yiasimi Fuoco Photography Cromer Norwich Norfolk


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