Andreas Yiasimi food photography

Andreas Yiasimi food photography

Andreas Yiasimi food photography. Delicious Asparagus.
Colorful Summer Friut for a superb wedding cake at The Links Country Park Hotel and Golf Club.

Delicious Creations

A scrumptious looking photograph is the first impression for a restaurant or food supplier. On location at The Links Country Park Hotel and Golf Club West Runton Cromer Norfolk NR27 9QH.
Food Photography for Constantia Restaurant, East Runton, Cromer, Norfolk.


Taramasalada is a totally aquired taste, it is essentially a dip made of Salmon row, olive oil , lemon and onion.
Essentially Rum Babas are enriched sweet bread/buns, soaked in a sweet syrup. Food photography by Andreas Yiasimi.

Rum Baba.

A rum baba or baba au rhum is a small yeast cake saturated in liquor, usually rum, and sometimes filled with whipped cream or pastry cream.
Beef Stifado popular Greek dish.

Beef Stifado

Beef Stifado, Greek specialty, hearty beef stew with tomatoes, onions, and herbs, served at Constantia Cottage during a Meze feast and captured by lens man Andreas Yiasimi.
Scrumptious desserts at Constantia Restaurant

Oranges with Grand Marnier

Oranges with Grand Marnier. Great dessert after a heavy meal. Appetizing images by Andreas Yiasimi, Fuoco Food Photography.
Marvelous Moussaka at Constantia Cottage Restaurant.

Marvelous Constantia Moussaka

Moussaka is an eggplant (aubergine)-based dish of the Balkans and the Middle East. Though it is part of all the cuisines of the former Ottoman region and has an Arabic name, in the West, it is best-known in its Greek form.
Many-layered with tissue-thin sheets of phyllo dough, this pastry is filled with nuts and sugar and finished with a dousing of hot spiced syrup.

Baklava or Paklava

High quality commercial photography as demonstrated with this mouth-watering capture for a magazine article featuring Constantia Restaurant and popular Greek desserts.
Chicken Constantia secret recipe.

Chicken Constantia

Top chefs prepare a popular dish at Norfolk's Constantia Restaurant captured in full flight during a busy Saturday night.
Typical village Greek salad prepared at Constantia Cottage Restaurant, East Runton, Cromer, Norfolk, UK.

Classic Greek Salad

Tomatoes, Black Olives, red onion and cucumbers are dressed with virgin olive oil and finished with crumbled feta cheese. It's essential to serve this with good crusty roll.
Greek coffee is never drunk to the last drop because there is always an undrinkable sludge-like sediment at the bottom of the cup. And this should not be drunk.

Greek Coffee

Greek coffee is made in a "briki". Brikia are small, tall coffee pots with a long handle and a lip. They are generally made brass, copper or aluminum. Photographed on location at Constantia Cottage Restaurant, Cromer.
Pork Crackle, fat attached to the skin of pig at the time of frying is absorbed in the process. Greens Freehouse & Restaurant, Norwich Road, Aylsham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11.

Can't Resist a bit of Pork Crackle

Pork rind (known as pork scratchings in the United Kingdom, and pork crackle in Australia) is the skin of a pig. Cooked, this may be either eaten warm with a meal, or served at room temperature as a snack.
Pan-fried King Prawns in Garlic and Butter Sauce.

Freshly Prepared Garlic King Prawns

Capturing food during preparation emphasizes that only the best fresh produce is used at Constantia Cottage Restaurant's famous Norfolk kitchen.
A Classic Prawn Cocktail Recipe with Prawns, Lettuce and delicious Sauce.

Prawn Coktail

Even a prawn cocktail deserves a little depth of field, focusing on a section of the photograph creates interest and draws the viewer into the taste of the picture.
Food photography


Shredded pastry, nuts and syrup.
Mezethes means, many little dishes, series of small tasty dishes that combine to make a meal.

Mixed Seafood platter

A dish photographed in real time at The Constantia Cottage Restaurant in East Runton, Cromer, as to give a realistic and vibrant example of how the food really looks like.
Wedding cake made from various cheeses

Unusual Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is made out of different cheeses. Photographed at Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel.
Mouth watering food photography by Andreas Yiasimi

First Impressions Count

Its important for a hotel or restaurant to bring out the colour and vibrancy of their food in pictures. Taken at Greens Freehouse & Restaurant, Norwich Road, Aylsham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11


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